Cariology and Endodontics

Cariology comprises a detailed knowledge of aetiology, development, diagnostic methods, prevention, non-surgical and surgical treatment of hard dental tissue diseases such as caries, teeth erosion and abrasion.

Endodontics comprises infection and/or trauma based diseases (such as internal, external and cervical resorption types) in the pulpa-dentine organ and at the root tip of the tooth (the apical periodontium), including diagnostics, aetiology, pathogenesis, treatment choice and prognosis assessment for both the vital pulpa and the necrotic infected dental root.

Restoration of teeth with defects, symptoms or lack of dental substance with restoration materials in plastic is a fundamental part of this subject area, which includes both indication for therapy, choice of restoration material as well as execution and prognosis assessment of different treatments.


The purpose of this subject area, and the course Plastic Restorations, is to give the student a theoretical foundation for aetiology, pathogenesis, prevention, treatment of caries and prognosis assessment so that the student, under guidance, is able to perform diagnostics, risk assessment, non-/surgical therapy of patients with cariological problems. Similarly for the diseases tooth erosion and abrasion.

The purpose of the teaching in endodontics is to give the students a theoretical, practical and reflection based course in order to perform endodontic treatments correctly.


Research in this subject area focuses on: epidemiology, biochemistry, morphology, aetiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics, risk assessment, prevention, treatment and prognosis.

Cariology/plastic restorations focuses on methods for caries diagnostics, tooth morphological aspects such as risk predictors, the ability of pre- and probiotics for prevention of caries, models to improve the dental hygiene of elders, the role of sealants as therapeutic treatment of superficial and moderately deep occlusal and approximal caries lesions, excavation methods and sustainability of plastic restorations in patients.

Endodontics focuses on pulp-dentin alterations in relation to deep/extremely deep caries and the treatment thereof, the significance of root morphology for the success of root treatment, studies regarding survival rates for teeth that have been root canal treated, disinfection of the infected root canal, infection spread and prognosis for the root filled tooth.

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Cariology and Endodontics is part of the Research section for Clinical Oral Microbiology