Community Dentistry and Graduate Studies

The subject area includes epidemiology and sociology in relation to oral health and diseases, health promotion and prevention of oral diseases in a public health perspective as well as the use of the dental health care system in the population. The subject area also includes current legislation regarding the Danish dental health care system, organisation of the system and planning and evaluation of dental health offers to different groups in the population.


Community Dentistry is taught during the final year. Teaching comprises online lectures and group sessions as well as extramural activities. The teaching programmes also includes course in forensic dentistry.


The research is mainly conducted in collaboration with the other subject areas at the Department of Odontology (Periodontology, Cariology and Oral Rehabilitation) and with Department of Public Health as well as with European universities.

Current themes

  • Epidemiological studies of dental diseases, occurrence and distribution of dental disease determinants for these afflictions (social determinants and lifestyle factors) as well as studies regarding different population groups’ use of the dental health care system and treatment patterns with regards to preventive dental health care as well as treatment for children, young adults, adults and elderly.
  • Evaluation of dental health care programmes for all age groups with specific focus on inequality in occurrence of dental diseases and the use of the dental health care system, including evaluation of dental health care programmes for vulnerable groups in the population.
  • The connection between lifestyle factors and oral health, as well as the development of quality indicators in the dental health care system.
  • European collaboration regarding development of common methods for analysis of data from the different European dental health care systems, the importance of incentive structures for practitioners and patients with regards to preventive dental health care as well as documenting the value of routinely collecting administrative data in the dental health care area. Indicators are developed for quality assurance and the societal value that can be gained from different dental health care systems is evaluated (varying subsidies, user payment etc.).

Collaboration with WHO