WHO Collaborating Centre for

Community Oral Health Programmes and Research

University of Copenhagen, director: Professor Poul Erik Petersen


Terms of reference: The WHO Collaborating Centre will support the WHO in:

  1. Monitoring and evaluating the oral health status in Europe.
  2. Implementing the WHO/EURO programme on oral health, especially in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.
  3. Promoting the integration of oral health activities in relevant WHO programmes, i.e. healthy schools, healthy cities, lifestyles and health for the elderly.
  4. Developing tools for quality of oral health care and systems in Europe.
  5. Assisting the WHO in the collection of oral epidemiological data for inclusion in the Global Oral Health Data Bank.
  6. Assisting the WHO and Member States in oral health situation analyses, health behaviour analyses and the identification of socio-behavioural determinants in oral health and disease, in developing as well as in developed countries.
  7. Promoting oral health systems research of relevance to planning and evaluation of community programmes in developing as in developed countries.
  8. Providing scientific findings and experiences concerning appropriate technologies for oral health care, especially in relation to the organization of community oral health programmes.
  9. Facilitating intercountry exchange of ideas and experiences through seminars, courses and workshops or long-term training programmes within community oral health.