Dental Materials

Dental materials are used, directly or indirectly, to restore teeth that have been mutilated or destroyed. These materials are the subject of the research activities at the section of Dental Materials and of a preclinical course in the dentistry programme.

The aim is to provide a background for restorations of the highest quality and longevity. Research is carried out along two major strands:

  1. Investigation of materials and techniques already available. The aim is to identify superior products and to suggest and develop application techniques that may improve the efficacy of the various products.
  2. Development of new materials with improved properties.


The preclinical course aims to provide the students with an understanding of the composition and application of the materials so that a judicious choice of material suitable for the clinical situation can be made.

A major part of the course is preparation and subsequent restorations of teeth in dummy heads. This ensures a good level of proficiency before the students are introduced to treatment of patients during the clinical courses.


Current research focuses on materials that may serve as alternatives to amalgam. Thus, the interest is centered on resin materials, their strength, degree of curve and adhesion to tooth and to various other restorative materials.

Head of area/contact

Associate Professor Ana Benetti

Dental Materials is part of the Research section for Health, Society and Technology