Oral Diagnostics

All first-time patients at the School of Dentistry are examined at Oral Diagnostics (known as Hovedvisitationen, in Danish). 9000 patients are seen at the clinic each year.

After the initial examination the treatment need of each patient is determined and whether treatment can be offered. Dental students assist in these examinations as part of their training. Approximately half of the patients who come to the School of Dentistry will be registered for regular treatment or for a more thorough examination in connection with exams.

The remaining patients are referred to see a private practitioner as the waiting time may be too long or as their treatment need is unsuitable for student training. Dental students are not skilled enough to perform very comprehensive or complex treatments.

As all treatments are performed by students, the treatment time may often be prolonged and the number of patients needed is therefore limited.

Research carried out at the section of Oral Diagnostics focuses on basic biological research of carbohydrate structures of the cells, wound healing and early diagnosis of cancer of the oral cavity.