Oral Radiology

The field comprises detailed knowledge regarding x-ray physics, the indication and use of different radiological types of exposure in the head and neck region. These are used in connection with diagnostics and radiological assessment of anatomical structures, pathological changes, as well as evaluation of disease processes and concluded treatments. Radiographs are taken in the form of intraoral or extraoral exposures in adherence to current legislation regarding radiation hygiene measures for staff and patients.


The aim of the teaching in Oral Radiology is to provide the student with a theoretical understanding of x-ray physics, x-rays and radiation protection for staff and patients. Students are able to assess indication areas for radiographic exposures such as panoramic radiographs, profile radiographs, and Cone Beam CT scans. Under supervision, the students are able to assess or describe anatomical structures and pathological changes in the head and neck region including teeth, jaw bones, jaw joints, nerve channels, cinuses, etc., on radiographs.


The current research activity is focused on diagnostics and treatment evaluation on radiographs. Furthermore, we are exploring the possibilities of including different digital and computer-based programmes to improve radiographic diagnostics.

Head of area/contact

Associate Professor Azam Bakhshandeh

Oral Radiology is part of the Research section of Clinical Oral Microbiology