Oral Radiology

Radiology is the science of ionizing radiation, in particular electromagnetic radiation such as X-rays. The field deals with the techniques of projection, exposure and processing and the interpretation of radiographic images. Oral radiology comprises radiography of jaws, facial skeleton and skull (dentomaxillofacial radiology).

The objective of the teaching in radiology is to enable the students to practice radiography and to interpret radiographic images. As a graduated dentist the student will be qualified to assume responsibility for dental x-ray equipment in accordance with the Danish National Board of Radiation Protection. Teaching includes theoretical and practical courses.

The majority of patients treated at the School of Dentistry are referred to the section of Oral Radiology for radiographic examinations that are carried out by specially trained clinical assistants under the supervision of dentists.

A large number of patients are referred from private clinics for radiographic examinations that require special x-ray equipment or expert knowledge. The examinations often concern pre-operative evaluations in connection with implant dentistry. A fee is charged for these examinations.