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Department of Odontology > Staff


NameJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail

Academic administrative officer 

Severin BergEconomy and Administration +45 353-26509E-mail
Annie JørgensenFinancial Coordinator +45 353-26671E-mail
Maria Julie KvetnyHR and research, Administration +45 353-26502E-mail

Administrative officer 

Hedvig Amanda BergsøeCommunity Dentistry +45 23 80 77 70E-mail

Affiliate associate professor 

Børge HedeDental Health Service  E-mail

Area manager 

Erik RavnOral Surgery +45 353-26920E-mail
Pia RimhoffEducation Clinic +45 353-26930E-mail

Assistant professor 

Azam BakhshandehCariology and Endodontics +45 353-26811E-mail
Daniel BelstrømPeriodontology  E-mail
Christian DamgaardPeriodontology  E-mail
Mandana HosseiniOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26741E-mail
Mette Kirstine KellerCariology and Endodontics +45 353-37639E-mail
Johanne KongstadPeriodontology +45 353-26693E-mail
Merete MarkvartCariology and Endodontics +45 353-37765E-mail
Kasper RosingCommunity Dentistry  E-mail

Associate professor 

Merete BakkeClinical Oral Physiology +45 353-26554E-mail
Eric Paul BennettOral Diagnostics +45 353-26630E-mail
Lars BjørndalCariology and Endodontics +45 353-26814E-mail
Lisa Bøge ChristensenCommunity Dentistry +45 353-26582E-mail
Sally DabelsteenOral Pathology and Medicine +45 353-26652E-mail
Kim EkstrandHead of Section, Cariology and Endodontics +45 353-26813E-mail
Anders Hay-SchmidtNeuroanatomics  E-mail
Nuno Vibe HermannPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics +45 353-26753E-mail
Allan Bardow JensenAnalytical Chemistry +45 353-26549E-mail
Svend KirkebyClinical Oral Physiology +45 353-26555E-mail
Camilla KragelundOral Pathology and Medicine +45 353-26723E-mail
Tove LarsenOral Microbiology +45 353-26663E-mail
Ulla MandelOral Diagnostics +45 353-26637E-mail
Liselotte SonnesenOrthodontics/Head of Postgraduate Programme in Orthodontics +45 353-26670E-mail
Carsten Eckhart ThomsenHead of Studies Odontology, Graduate Engineer, Oral Medicine and Physiology +45 353-26558E-mail
Esben Boeskov ØzhayatOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26747E-mail

Associate professor emeritus 

Erik Friis-HaschéPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics +45 40 19 96 86E-mail
Dennis MoePeriodontology  E-mail
Vibeke QvistCariology and Endodontics  E-mail


Erik GrosenAdministration  E-mail
Jan LissauCampus Operations/Dental Materials +45 287-56588E-mail
Kim RichardtAdministration  E-mail


Karen BireOral Pathology and Medicine  E-mail
Dorrit NoltingOral Pathology and Medicine +45 353-26636E-mail

Cleaning assistant 

Hans Joachim Cederfeld de SimonsenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Jacob Gahner KrogsgaardEducation Clinic  E-mail

Clinical Instructor 

Rose Jamil Al JabriPeriodontology +45 353-26697E-mail
Catharina Sarojini AmalooCariology and Endodontics +45 353-26515E-mail
Ida Marie Thorndahl S AndersenPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail
Jan Bjerg AndersenSpecialist Clinic  E-mail
Sumreena AzizPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail
Leila Seidelin BacheOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Hanne BahrtOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Sara BaramClinical Oral Physiology  E-mail
Selda BenliPeriodontology  E-mail
Sofie BrinkmannPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail
Susanne BrixCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Kasper BruunCariology and Endodontics +45 353-26822E-mail
Anders Rimhoff ByrelOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Erik BækkelundCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Nana BærildPeriodontology  E-mail
Gitte BørresenOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Bent Ole CarlsonOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Marianne ClemensenOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Tórunn DalsgardCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Jakob Christian DanielsenClinical Oral Physiology  E-mail
Jens DanielsenPeriodontology +45 353-26697E-mail
Rikke ErchPeriodontology  E-mail
Rasmus FrichOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Mia GramOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Lise-Lotte Larsen HammekenClinical Oral Physiology/Oral Diagnostics  E-mail
Anders Bach Bergstrøm HansenCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Anders Bindslev HansenPeriodontology  E-mail
Eva Susanne HansenOral Diagnostics/Clinical Oral Physiology  E-mail
Rie Daniel HansenCariology and Endodontics +45 353-26822E-mail
Helle Hauen-LimkildeOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Lisbeth Gilleshøj HenriksenCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Malene Lerke HessClinical Oral Physiology  E-mail
Ilse Margrethe Hessing-OlsenCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Marianne HoffmeyerPeriodontology  E-mail
Niels-Christian Reimers HolmPeriodontology  E-mail
Ann Kristine Hostrup-HenriksenCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Glen Lærkholm JensenOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Annemette Lund JeppesenDental Materials  E-mail
Sólrun Borðoy JoensenOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Lotte JunggreenOral Radiology +45 353-26677E-mail
Thomas Rahbek JønssonOral Surgery +45 353-26614E-mail
Sarah Joda KathemPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail
Sigrid Dalsgaard KnudsenCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Nina KümmelCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Jakob Sonne LempertOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Iben LærkholmOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Susanne Amstrup MardahlOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Niels Henrik MeinerPeriodontology +45 353-26697E-mail
Lisbeth MikkelsenOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Mette MoeslundOral Diagnostics  E-mail
Anders NissenOral Surgery  E-mail
Tom OlsenOral Surgery  E-mail
Tine PazdeckiOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Stephen Ambrosius PedersenSpecialist Clinic/Oral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Elise Sylvester PoulsenOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Lars PoulsenOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Shazia RiazPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail
Marianne Juel RiisOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Mia RimhoffCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Lene Lykke RosselPeriodontology  E-mail
Jens Peter SandholtCariology and Endodontics +45 21 45 04 33E-mail
Susanne SchiølerOral Radiology  E-mail
Nebras Shawkat AlyassOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Charlotte Maria Suhr SólsteinOral Radiology  E-mail
Peter SøndergaardOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26553E-mail
Asta TeilumCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Tove ThraneOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Jane Gullacksen VinsandOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Pia Charlotte WorsøeCariology and Endodontics +45 353-26822E-mail

Clinical medical assistant 

Tansu AgircanEducation Clinic  E-mail
Kima ElezovicPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Tina JanswellEducation Clinic +45 353-26933E-mail
Ulla Vibecke JürsDental Materials/Education Clinic  E-mail
Yvonne Dam KiefferPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics +45 353-26933E-mail
Lene KonskiEducation Clinic  E-mail
Karina Yvonne KristensenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Vicki Pernille LarsenEducation Clinic/Postgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Nazife MehmedaliEducation Clinic  E-mail
Birgitte Hald StegeEducation Clinic  E-mail
Eniser ZekirovskaOral Pathology and Medicine  E-mail
Fatma ÜzümcüEducation Clinic  E-mail


Sven KreiborgPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail

Dental hygienist 

Marija DarwishPeriodontology  E-mail
Charlotte Pallumblad HansenOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Lisa Myung Pilegaard HansenOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Annette WestborgPeriodontology  E-mail

Dental nurse 

Nargis AliEducation Clinic  E-mail
Sheela AliPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Linda AndersenCentral Laboratory/Education Clinic +45 353-26965E-mail
Linda AugustineEducation Clinic  E-mail
Isabella BaggioSpecialist Clinic +45 353-26926E-mail
Karin Toftemann BangOral Radiology  E-mail
Rukiye BasodaEducation Clinic +45 287-56905E-mail
Marianne BengtsonEducation Clinic +45 23 80 77 08E-mail
Lene Schou ChristensenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Maiken ChristiansenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Jette Lilli Dejeal-ThaarupEducation Clinic  E-mail
Nina DittrichEducation Clinic +45 41 11 81 41E-mail
Natalia DupontEducation Clinic  E-mail
Faten El HaibiEducation Clinic +45 71 10 01 07E-mail
Mette HansenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Hanne HaslundEducation Clinic  E-mail
Anne HellevangEducation Clinic  E-mail
Mariyam Mohamed HimidEducation Clinic +45 353-26700E-mail
Rúna Björk Hoff-MøllerEducation Clinic  E-mail
Arian Ali HusainiEducation Clinic  E-mail
Emerlinda JensenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Karina JensenCity of Copenhagen Dental Service  E-mail
Lonni JensenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Dianna Ninna Hertzberg JeppesenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Nete Gunthel JeppesenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Ronja Borgquist KannegaardPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Berit KarlssonSpecialist/Education Clinic  E-mail
Christine KippingPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Sanne Gunthel KjærEducation Clinic  E-mail
Sanela KolenovicEducation Clinic  E-mail
Luise KrausOral Radiology  E-mail
Heidi R LarsenSpecialist/Education Clinic  E-mail
Helen Langstrup LarsenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Karina Møller LohseEducation Clinic  E-mail
Sanambar Mofidi PourPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Christina Lendorff OlsenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Annette Andrea PetersenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics +45 353-26933E-mail
Jeanette H. PetersenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Zeqije RedzepiEducation Clinic  E-mail
Katrine Pawelec RudbeckEducation Clinic  E-mail
Dalia Taher SaberCity of Copenhagen Dental Service  E-mail
Mesude SadikPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Zeba Nama SaidianEducation Clinic +45 353-26700E-mail
Ayse SariEducation Clinic  E-mail
Dorthe Rigmor Eilertsen SkovSpecialist/Education Clinic +45 93 56 54 20E-mail
Saima SyedEducation Clinic  E-mail
Ana Rosa Vilaplana DiazPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail
Mette Lea ÜclerEducation Clinic  E-mail

Dental nurse trainee 

Intisar AlkasebEducation Clinic  E-mail
Cecilia E Wrang AndersenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Yasmin Lange AslamEducation Clinic  E-mail
Camilla BogutEducation Clinic  E-mail
Melike ErEducation Clinic  E-mail
Darim HamidEducation Clinic  E-mail
Sarina Vilsfort HansenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Emma HowardsenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Charlotte HøgfeldtEducation Clinic  E-mail
Zakia Parvin KarimiEducation Clinic  E-mail
Marianne KecmanEducation Clinic  E-mail
Houda Mahmoud KhatibEducation Clinic  E-mail
Janni Xenia LundgreenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Gresa NasufajEducation Clinic  E-mail
Rikke Frimodt PedersenEducation Clinic  E-mail
Olga Pulcherie SeryEducation Clinic  E-mail

Department secretary 

Ghita LemmingerPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics +45 353-26673E-mail

Guest researcher 

Ayse Basak CinarCommunity Dentistry +44 7478891128E-mail
Morten Christian Bay GrauballePeriodontology  E-mail
Lene LochteCommunity Dentistry +447766141052E-mail
Anders Elm PedersenOral Pathology and Medicine  E-mail
Betina Kopp Pedersen3D Craniofacial Image Research Laboratory  E-mail
Andrea RoccuzzoOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Birgitta Louise Charlotte ÖwallPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail

Head of administration 

Kim VossAdministration +45 353-26503E-mail

Head of department 

Anne Marie Lynge PedersenAssociate Professor, Oral Pathology and Medicine +45 353-26500E-mail

HR officer 

Annette Krarup WulffAdministration +45 353-26985E-mail

Laboratory technician 

Camilla AndersenOral Diagnostics +45 353-37637E-mail
Louise Rosgaard DuusOral Pathology and Medicine  E-mail
Camilla GündüzCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Liselotte LarsenDental Materials  E-mail
Joan Sonne LykkeaaAnalytical Chemistry +45 353-26562E-mail

PhD student 

Maria AdamopoulouOral Pathology and Medicine  E-mail
Hiba Al-ImamOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Gina Alejandra Castiblanco RubioCariology and Endodontics +45 353-37405E-mail
Andrea CortésCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Maria HachCommunity Dentistry +45 353-32016E-mail
Mette Rose JørgensenCariology and Endodontics +45 353-26260E-mail
Diana MortensenCariology and Endodontics +45 353-34132E-mail
Eunhye OhOrthodontics  E-mail
Maria Lynn Sembler-MøllerOral Pathology and Medicine +45 353-37938E-mail
Kaushik SenguptaGlobal Oral Health Promotion +45 353-31259E-mail


Mette Rose JørgensenCariology and Endodontics  E-mail

Postgraduate fellow in odontology 

Helle AnderssonPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Marie-Louise Bastholm BillePostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Louise Miltenburg CaspersenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Stine Nishanthi FlandrupPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Olja GlisicPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Signe HalfeldPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Louise HøjbjerrePostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Murtada JaberPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Louise Lindholm JensenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Stine KristensenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Ninasofie LindPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Trine Gottlieb MichelsenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Nicoline Mie TherkildsenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail

Precision mechanic 

Jesper NilssonTechnical Workshop/Education Clinic  E-mail

Procurement coordinator 

Bo SchubertAdministration, procurement and finances +45 353-26970E-mail

Procurement officer 

Betina Ea HansenAdministration/Education Clinic +45 287-56971E-mail


Klaus GotfredsenOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26746E-mail
Peter Riis HansenInternal Medicine: Cardiology +45 39 77 71 57E-mail
Peter Riis HansenPeriodontology +45 31 31 18 31E-mail
Palle HolmstrupHead of Section, Periodontology +45 353-26690E-mail
Claus Henrik NielsenCosterton Biofilm Centre +45 20 46 68 74E-mail
Jesper ReibelOral Pathology and Medicine +45 353-26720E-mail
Svante TwetmanCariology and Endodontics +45 353-26810E-mail

Professor emeritus 

Erik DabelsteenOral Diagnostics +45 40 94 19 00E-mail
Poul Holm-PedersenGerodontology  E-mail
Inger KjærOrthodontics  E-mail
Sven KreiborgPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail
Poul Erik PetersenCommunity Dentistry +45 29 61 14 86E-mail

Project manager 

Jakob Henning HansenElectronic Patient Record System +45 30 58 96 06E-mail


Liam GallagherOral Radiology  E-mail
Helena Pia SchatzPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics/Postgraduate Programme in Orthodontics +45 29 62 18 45E-mail


Birgit HansenReception/Education Clinic +45 353-26906E-mail
Lilian HansenReception/Education Clinic +45 353-26913E-mail
Tina Hoffmann JaradiReception/Education Clinic +45 353-26905E-mail
Sevilay KilicReception Oral Radiology +45 353-26550E-mail
Annette Schulz LarsenReception/Education Clinic +45 353-26912E-mail
Flemming Arne Meng Midjord MarxReception/Education Clinic +45 23 80 77 20E-mail
Susanne Andree OlsenReception/Education Clinic +45 353-26909E-mail

Research assistant 

Sarah Joda KathemPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail
Kristine Røn LarsenOral Pathology and Medicine  E-mail
Ankur RazdanDental Materials  E-mail

Research engineer 

Tron Andre Darvann3D Craniofacial Image Research Laboratory  E-mail

Scholarship student 

Anne Katrine DanielsenPeriodontology  E-mail
Maria Anastasia GrandePeriodontology  E-mail

Senior Clinical Instructor 

Salaheddin Omar Mahmoud AbbasPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Andriana Andric-MelieskaOrthodontics  E-mail
Karen Philipp ArvedsenOrthodontics  E-mail
Anders BegtrupPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Gitte BruunCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Hans-Jørgen FensholmDental Materials  E-mail
Lone Pedersen ForsbergOral Rehabilitation +45 353-26748E-mail
Venus HabibyPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Malene Halskov HallundOral Surgery  E-mail
Lene HansenOrthodontics  E-mail
Pernille HessPaediatric Dentistry and Clinical Genetics  E-mail
Ilse Margrethe Hessing-OlsenCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Birgit KenradOral Surgery +45 353-26617E-mail
Leif KenradPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Carsten LangemarkCariology and Endodontics  E-mail
Janne Marie Grønhøj LarsenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Rikke Ginger MentzPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Lena Hosseinzadeh MøllerPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Lars PallesenOral Surgery  E-mail
Katharina Axtmann PetersenClinical Oral Physiology  E-mail
Mie Katrine Wiese PetersenOral Radiology  E-mail
Anne Havemose PoulsenHead of Clinical Section, Periodontology +45 353-26692E-mail
Marianne Juel RiisOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Sornsiri Sae-WangPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Alireza SahafiOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Søren SchouOral Surgery  E-mail
Zahra ShiraziOrthodontics  E-mail
Michael SvanholtOrthodontics  E-mail
Jesper Thorbjørn ThomsenPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail
Ole ViumOral Rehabilitation  E-mail
Mostafa ZarghamPostgraduate Programme in Orthodontics  E-mail

Senior Dentist 

Ulla PallesenCariology and Endodontics  E-mail

Staff group secretary 

Pia BastResearch and Education Section 1 +45 353-26721E-mail
Linda MichelsenResearch and Education Section 2 +45 353-26518E-mail
Eva Marie ReinwaldResearch and Education Section 2 +45 353-26516E-mail
Gyldan ZejnelovskaResearch and Education Section 1 +45 353-30865E-mail


Josephine Jappe LarssonOral Rehabilitation  E-mail

Surgery coordinator 

Jannie AnthonyEducation Clinic +45 287-56950E-mail

Teaching assistant 

Anne Katrine DanielsenAnatomy  E-mail
Sune DemantAnatomy  E-mail
Romario Jalal GorgisAnatomy  E-mail
Elisabeth Rubjerg Hejstvig-LarsenHuman Biology  E-mail
Sarah KamounahOral Biochemistry  E-mail
Tea Emilie RasmussenHuman Biology  E-mail