Patient at the Copenhagen School of Dentistry


    Treatments are carried out by dental students under supervision by qualified dentists (clinical instructors).

    Procedure for patients at the School of Dentistry

    1. Preliminary examination
    2. Decision 
    3. Treatment process
    4. End of treatment

    Preliminary examination and decision regarding treatment

    The preliminary examination is the first step to becoming a patient at the School of dentistry. A dentist will examine you and decide if we can offer to treat your problem.

    If we can, you will be registered as a patient and you will get a new appointment for the actual treatment.

    If the treatment is too complicated, we will guide you to other options.

    When the treatment is finished, you are no longer a patient, and you will need a new preliminary examination, if you want another/new treatment.

    To get a preliminary treatment, log on to our online booking and book and pay for an appointment. You can pay by credit card online. 

    Please note that the School of Dentistry is a place of education and that we are not obligated to provide treatment. The treatment types that are offered must be part of the educational aims of the dental education, and only patients who have these needs can be admitted.

    Treatment and terms 

    Who performs the treatments and when?

    Treatments are carried out by dental students under supervision of qualified dentists (clinical instructors). The treatment time is usually longer than treatment at a private dentist.

    Treatments are performed on weekdays between 8:15 and 13:30.

    What does a treatment include?

    You will only receive a specific type of treatment and we therefore recommend that you visit your own dentist regularly for check-ups.

    Do I have to pay for treatment?

    Treatments are not free, but the prices are a little bit lower than at a private dentist, as you only pay for materials.

    There are different prices for the different types of treatments. The dentist who performs the preliminary examination will decide what type of treatment you need.

    You will be informed of the price before treatment is started.

    Overview of treatment types and prices

    Language and communication

    It is important that you as a patient are informed about the treatment and the process. Communication is given directly to you in Danish or English. If you need a translator, we cannot offer to treat you at the School of Dentistry.

    If you are in any doubt, don't hesitate to ask.

    Cancellation and termination of treatment

    Please let us know as soon as possible if you can't make it to an appointment. 

    If you have booked online, you can cancel or change an appointment by logging on to the online booking. Your fee will be refunded, if you cancel earlier than 24 hours before the appointment.

    If you have booked in person, or if you have recieved an appointment card, please call Patient Service at 35 32 35 90 (weekdays 7:45-12:00) or write an e-mail to - Please provide your full name and birthdate.

    If your cancel several times or if you fail to show up without notice, we will terminate your treatment. You will need to book a new preliminary examination if you want to continue treatment.

    Privacy policy

    According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the guidelines for protection of personal data have been updated as of 25 May 2018.

    Privacy Policy University of Copenhagen

    For patients, the regulations in Sundhedsloven, are also complied with in relation to data protection.

    Sundhedsloven (in Danish only)

    Pain, emergency treatment and repairs

    We offer first aid to pain, bleeding, loose/cracked teeth or other acute dental problems.

    If your problem relates to an ongoing or recently ended treatment carried out at the School of Dentistry, please contact us at 35 32 35 90 (weekdays 7:45-12:00)

    Otherwise, you can book and pay for an emergency treatment in the online booking

    Please note that an emergency treatment may only provide a temporary solution. If further treatment is needed, we will inform you of the options, either as a patient at the Dental School or at a private dentist. 


    We only offer repairs of braces, prosthetics etc. that have been made at the School of Dentistry. Please contact Patient Service at 35 32 35 90 (weekdays 7:45-12:00) for further information.


    We offer treatment with braces to both children and adults. Treatments involve removable palate braces or metal braces. We do not offer treatment with invisible braces or short-term treatments. 

    For information and to book and appointment regarding braces, please call the clinic at 35 32 35 90 (weekdays 8:15-10:30)

    Please note, that preliminary examinations for brace treatments are only carried out in the fall semester.



    For hygienic reasons overcoats are not allowed in the clinic. You can use the lockers at level 2. There is a fee of DKK 20, which will be returned when you collect your coat.


    • Parking along Nørre Allé (blue parking zone)
    • Disabled parking is available (8 spaces) in front of the entrance at Nørre Allé  20
    • Cycles must be parked in the area in front of the entrance at Nørre Allé 20

    Feedback and complaints

    We see a large number of patients each day and students and staff are dedicated to provide a good experience for the patients. If you have any concerns, good or bad, regarding your visit, we would like to hear from you.

    Please call Patient Service at 35 32 35 90 (weekdays 7:45-12:00) or write an e-mail to Til toppen