Patient information


    Treatments are carried out by dental students under supervision by qualified dentists (clinical instructors).

    Please note that this is a place of education and we are not obligated to provide treatment. The treatments that are carried out, are part of the educational goals of the dental education. Only patients who have these needs can be registered for treatment.


    Preliminary examination

    The pre-examination is the first step in the proces to become a patient at the clinic. At the pre-examination, a dentist will examine you and decide whether you can be registered for treatment.


    If the treatment you need is relevant for the education, you will get a new appointment for the actual treatment. If the treatment is too complicated for the students or if there are other concerns, you will not be registered for treatment, but we may be able to guide you to other options.


    Some treatment types may require more than one appointment. The student will inform you of the process and try to accommodate your wishes for any specific days.

    End of treatment

    When the treatments is finished, you are no longer a patient, and you will need to book a new pre-examination if you want another/new treatment.


    Orthodontic treatment (with braces) is performed on adults and children at the clinic and only with palate braces or metal braces. We do not provide treatment with invisible braces or short-term treatments.

    For information and to book a pre-examination, please call the clinic: tel. 35 32 35 90 (weekdays 8:15-10:30)

    Pre-examinations regarding braces are only carried out in the fall semester.

    Pain and emergency treatment

    Emergency treatment are carried out in cases of e.g. pain, bleeding, loose/cracked teeth, or other acute dental prpblems.

    If you problem is related to an ongoing or recently ended treatment that has been carried out here at the clinic, please contact Patient Service: tel. 35 32 35 90 (weekdays 7:45-12:00).

    Otherwise, you can book and pay for emergency treatment in the online booking.

    An emergency treatment may only provide a temporarry solution. If further treatment is neede, we will inform you of the options, but they may not be at our clinic.


    We only repair braces, prosthetics, etc., that have been made at our own clinic. Please contact Patient Service: tel. 35 32 35 90 (weekdays 7:45-12:00)