Book an appointment for preliminary examination

The preliminary examination will show whether the type of treatment that you need is relevant for educational purposes. The fee is 225 DKK.


Emergency treatment

Patients who are not already registered for treatment can use the booking system to request an appointment  for emergency treatment (in cases of sudden pain, loose/cracked teeth etc.). You can book an appointment from day to day. A consult for emergency treatment is DKK 440. The fee is not refundable.

Log-on and payment

You can log on to the booking system with your NemID and pay by Dankort or creditcard. If payment is not completed, your appointment will be cancelled automatically.

Problems with booking an appointment?

If you can’t access the booking system, you may need to activate JavaScript in your browser settings (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari). Make sure that JavaScript is activated and updated to the newest version.

Cancel/change your appointment

Please note, that you can only cancel or change an appointment that you have booked yourself in the booking system.