The overall aim for research conducted at the Department of Odontology is to promote health in the population by optimizing prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of diseases in the oral and craniofacial areas, and to ensure that the graduate and postgraduate education of dental students is research-based.

We conduct basic, translational, and clinical research in diseases and conditions that may cause physical, psychosocial, and/or social dysfunction, including caries and periodontitis, congenital and acquired diseases in teeth, jaws, temporomandibular joints, oral mucosa, and salivary glands, of which some are premalignant and malignant disorders.

Some of these diseases have a significant and complex interaction with a series of general diseases, and therefore, interdisciplinary collaboration with external partners, e.g., within medical fields, is an important priority.

The 15 scientific areas are organized in 3 research sections:

Research projects are undertaken in and across areas and sections, and the researchers collaborate with national and international institutions, businesses, and others.

The scientific staff provides guidance for authorities and peers within the scope of odontology.