Oral health - jaw defects - craniofacial growth and function

Clinical problems comprise the main focus of research at the Department of Odontology, which concerns the understanding, prevention, diagnostics and treatment of dental, oral and jaw diseases.

Oral health is based on knowledge regarding structures, tissues and general health conditions in the oral cavity, as well as age, developmental mechanisms and congenital and acquired defects.

A major focal point is the coordination and interaction between craniofacial growth and orofacial structures and functions under normal and pathological conditions. Researchers at the department are concerned with aetiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment and employ clinical registration and treatment methods, including physical and chemical methods, histological, molecular biological, immunological and microbiological laboratory methods.

Research at the department involves diagnostics, prevention and treatment within all types of dental, oral and jaw diseases. The department provides diagnostics and treatment of patients with rare and complex oral diseases that often require collaboration with the surrounding health care system, in the private as well as the public sector.

The research activity is centered around national and international networks that aim to provide the best basis for maintaining a high level of competency.