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Esben Boeskov Øzhayat

Esben Boeskov Øzhayat

Associate Professor

Primary research

The interaction between the patient, the dentist and the system. The patient perspective is in focus as is decision making, effectiveness of treatment systems, and the individual as well as the public benefit from oral treatments. It is about:

  • Tooth loss
  • Oral Rehabilitation
  • Quality of Life
  • Esthetics
  • Communication
  • Qualitative research
  • Questionnaires
  • Decision making
  • Cognitive processess
  • Economy
  • Community

On-going research

On-going projects are among others about the public beneficial effect of oral rehabilitation in citizens on cash benefit. An interesting but rather unknown area of research we have high hopes for. Qualitative studies regarding the difference in affection of tooth loss between Denmark and Sweden as well as how patients with oral cancer sees their treatment course and the rehabilitation after radiation or operative therapy are also in progress. A study testing a digital decision aid for use in oral rehabilitation is also on its way. Several other projects aiming at describing the quality of life and oral health in different patient groups has been initiated. Major current projects includes:

  • Public beneficial effects of oral rehabilitation in citizens on cash benefit.
  • The Added Value for Oral Care (ADVOCATE) study (EU-project)

  • Use of decision aids in oral rehabilitation. In collaboration with the Danish Dental Association.

  • Tooth loss, prosthesis and quality of life. An epidemiological study.

  • Quality of life in young patients with tooth agenesis.

  • Qualitative study in patients with tooth loss. Differences between urban and rural site in Southern Sweden.

  • Oral health and quality of life in drug-addicts.

  • Evaluation of the treatment pathway for head and neck cancer patients.


Theoretical and clinical teaching in most areas within oral rehabilitation and clinical and theoretical teaching in comprehensive dentistry. Theoretical and practical teaching in communication and decision making. The teaching philosophy is always open and involvement of participants.  

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