Esben Boeskov Øzhayat

Esben Boeskov Øzhayat

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

I have a clear view on the criteria for success in my research: relevance for the greater society, the community in which the research results are to be implemented, especially the citizens that should benefit from the research. My primary research areas are the patient perspective, the practitioner’s decision making, and the individual and public benefit of our treatments. It is about:

  • Quality of life

  • Society

  • Economy

  • Inequality

  • Tooth loss and rehabilitation

  • Communication

  • Decision making

  • Cognitive processes

To describe the areas I use both quantitative and qualitative research methods. I have performed many clinical studies but am turning towards more societal relevant and social aspects, where populations studies, register research, and interviews are used.

I am leading research projects independently and in collaboration with others. My focus is on interdisciplinary collaborations using my robust network. The goal with this is to make the research as relevant as possible with greatest quality and impact. I have experience in most parts and all phases of research and project management. This includes applying and getting funds for projects and supervising PhD students, research assistants, and pre-graduate researchers.

Current research

Current research projects contain the public beneficial effects of health interventions in citizens on cash benefit including the connection between health literacy and public expenses. I am also involved in two major projects: the Added Value for Oral Care (ADVOCATE) study (EU-project) and the Copenhagen Aging and Midlife Biobank (CAMB), where I am in the steering committee for the latter. Several other projects investigating the oral health and quality of life in different patient groups, including head-and-neck cancer patients, socially vulnerable citizens and patients with tooth loss, are also being performed.

For past projects/studies, please see my publication list.


I teach in most areas within oral rehabilitation and comprehensive dentistry. Also, I teach in community dentistry including communication and decision making. I have experience in constructing smaller and larger courses and have taught all types of session on many different levels including supervising students doing their master’s theses. My style is open and involving with strong focus on maximizing the students’ learning.  

For more details on my teaching experience and philosophy please ask for my teaching portfolio.

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