Oral Health, Society and Technology

Aim and background

The patient is in focus in the research section for Oral Health, Society and Technology and our aim to conduct health-related research that spans disciplines and sectors focusing on relevance and value for the patients and society and thereby contributes to a better and more healthy life from childhood to old age.

Research focus and themes

There are still larger groups of children, adolescents, and adults whose general health and quality of life are affected by oral problems. This is particularly an issue for socially compromised, the growing elderly population, and patients with congenital diseases.

We deal with research in and treatment of cranio- and orofacial development, function, and rehabilitation. We take an interdisciplinary approach and collaborate with hospitals, regions, and municipalities among others. We focus on clinical interventional research, use of available data and advanced medico-technical methods and equipment. The purpose is to develop and test new user-oriented approaches, technologies, prevention methods, and treatments.

Head of research section

Associate Professor Esben Boeskov Øzhayat