Oral Surgery

Teaching of surgical subjects takes place during the Master programme and covers diagnostics and treatment of surgical diseases of the teeth and jaws. Treatment may include extraction of teeth and minor surgical procedures such as removal of 3rd molars.

Treatments offered at the section of Oral Surgery:

  • Removal of wisdom teeth
  • Extraction of teeth
  • Surgical treatment of periodontitis
  • Reconstruction of jaw bones prior to implant treatment
  • Placement of implants
  • Surgical treatment under anaesthetics
  • Jaw surgery

Research topics include:

  • Materials for bone substitution
  • The influence of various growth factors on bone healing
  • The importance of various types of guided tissue regeneration on bone healing
  • Development and treatment of periimplantitis - periodontitis around implants
  • Long-term studies of survival of various types of implants
  • 3D methods for improving the surgical treatment of the facial skeleton and the temporomandibular joint
  • Pedagogic research of the efficacy of new educational methodologies and the impact of information technology